Being As An Ocean release ‘Waiting For Morning To Come’

Being As An Ocean release their first album independent of any label. ‘Waiting For Morning To Come’ is their strongest release yet, emotionally gripping and beautifully delivered. The combination of screaming, spoken word and soft singing creates the perfect storm that is full of emotion that the listener can’t help but feel. This album is a must for any music fan.

This album is a powerful statement, with cinematic songs that demand your attention. ‘Thorns’ is one of these songs, not unlike a battle cry or call to arms, this cinematic piece would not be out of place in a movie. It builds from beautiful serene singing, to authoritative screams. ‘Waiting For Morning To Come’ blends moving instrumental pieces with songs that hit hard, this is not an album wishing to ‘fit in’ it is the exact opposite – unapologetically itself.

‘eB tahT srewoP ehT’ is the statement piece of this album. Further proving that this album is not one you can listen to whilst doing something else but one you have to listen to. The whole song is played backwards, completely disguising the message of the song, but somehow the listener still connects emotionally. It makes you think, it makes you talk and it is definitely a surprising and welcome change. When you listen to the song in reverse (which is on YouTube) you realise the song is even more ingenious than one would first realise. The song is about the constraints of the system, ‘normality’ and how messed up the world is because of this and the song’s very form is resistance to this. If you ever wanted proof that Being As An Ocean are geniuses and one of the most talented bands making meaningful music right now – here it is.

Being As An Ocean are a band that are more than just good music, they create poetry. As a literary student it is so refreshing to have music that actually says something and says a lot more than what is on the surface. Their attention to detail is staggering; the song titles themselves create a poem that helps reflect the message of the album. I could quite easily write entire essays on every song this album has to offer.

‘Dissolve’ was one of the first songs I heard from this album and it won me over instantly. The album version is a lot heavier than the version previously released, but this does not detract from the power of the song in the slightest. Whilst it slightly changes the emotions fuelling the song from a heart-wrenching sadness to a stirring anger and although the lyrics don’t change, it does feel slightly as if the message is somewhat lost with the screaming burying some of the genius lyrics this song has. Regardless, the heavy tone is one Being As An Ocean fans treasure and it helps bring balance to the album.

‘Waiting For Morning To Come’ is a strong contender for best album of this year and is on my all-time favourite list. Every time I listen to it, I discover something new. It is one of those albums that feels ageless. If you haven’t already bought this then I suggest you do it now, because I promise you you’re missing out. Even if you’re not a fan of the scene, these songs are ones that need listening to.


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