Interview with Broadside

Broadside have recently released their brilliant sophomore album ‘Paradise‘ and are currently touring the UK alongside Trash Boat and Homebound. Before the show, I caught up with Broadside members Ollie Baxxter and Niles Gregory  To talk about ‘Paradise’, the most difficult track to write and what they love about the UK.

‘Paradise’ was released recently; what was the inspiration behind the album?

Ollie: Niles and I are living in California now and our lifestyles have changed. There is a bunch of successful people around us and everybody is chasing this dream. Like you have YouTube vloggers out there that can make rent from just making videos of themselves. We are constantly surrounded by these people and it inspired us to step our game up personally as musicians and in our own adventures and endeavors whether that is photography or writing poetry or whatever. So, the whole inspiration for the album is the juxtaposition of being in a place of so much success, but there is still this darkness inside of you that you’re not supposed to express because you’re not supposed to say ‘oh what if I’m not like everyone else? what if I can’t do what they do?’. That’s what ‘Paradise’ is about; Being surrounded by palm trees, but inside being in a… what’s the opposite? Like a swamp, Shrek’s house – like living with Shrek.


It is an amazing album! We had it on this morning and my girlfriend hadn’t heard it all yet. The only song she had heard was ‘I Love You, I Love You, It’s Disgusting’ because I sent that to her. The first time I heard it I actually died.

Ollie: That’s the thing, we wanted to take the step out that we are not the original pop punk band because we are a little bit older and we are all romantics. So it was an honour to put ‘I Love You, I Love You, It’s Disgusting’ out into the world, even if people can’t mosh to it.


What was your favourite song to record?

Ollie: I had a lot of fun with ‘Summer Stained’; I cried a little. When I sang some lines, when a tear would escape, I would let it because it was what I felt and I would probably do that live. I enjoyed ‘Laps [Around a Picture Frame]’ because it vibed for us, it was kind of poppy. I enjoyed ‘Tunnel Vision’ because it was out of my range, it was kind of like Michael Jacksony. So yeah, I had a lot of fun with those three songs. Naturally, ‘I Love You, I Love You, It’s Disgusting’ because it was myself with a ukelele and you get to evaluate yourself and just be like ugh, it’s shit.

Niles: I had a lot of fun, not even guitar, I tracked bass on the record and I had a lot of fun tracking bass on ‘Tunnel Vision’ and I think it was ‘Lose Your Way’, just because those songs were really groovy on bass. I don’t know it was a lot of fun.

Every song on the album is groovy!

Ollie: Yeah, that’s true, thank you so much.


There is not a single song on the whole album that I don’t like, they are all my favourite! What was the most difficult song to record?

Ollie: I feel like there were a few that were difficult.

Niles: There were some where we had our head against the wall saying ‘What do we do?’ Paradise was difficult because it was so simple. Is it too corny or too simple? Or is it that there is not enough?

Ollie: Yeah, or more than enough! The simpler songs are usually the hardest for us because I tend to try and fit so much into one song. It’s hard. So ‘Paradise’ was pretty hard. ‘Hitting colours’ was another hard one, but when it came together, it was like ‘ahhh’, it was pretty good.


On this album, Dorian sings a lot more, was that a band decision, or did it just happen naturally?

Ollie: It just kind of naturally happened. He has a pretty big role in the band, he can sing pretty well and hit the notes that I don’t care to hit or can’t. We thought it would be cool to mix those together. Also, the ladies love Dorian, so we just thought let it happen.


I’m going back to ‘I Love You, I Love You. It’s Disgusting’. The title is an odd choice. It looks like it’s not a love song, but it is super cute.

Ollie: That’s what I like about the title. I’m a big fan of ‘The Smiths’ and he had weird songs like ‘The Boy with the Thorn in his Side’. So you go to listen and you’re like what the hell is this going to be about? And for those in love, they are consumed by it. The people that aren’t don’t want to be around people in love, they don’t speak the language. When you’re in love everything is cute, coffee is cute, cats are cute and they are never cute. For those that are bitter or just heart broken they don’t understand how you could care for someone so much. It’s like I love you so much, that for everyone else it is disgusting or I love you so much I would do anything for you, it’s disgusting.

This is your second time touring in the UK, what is your favorite part about it?

Ollie: My favourite part is one; Wetherspoons, two; all the filming locations of Harry Potter and three; London. I’m a big tourist, so I really like seeing all the beautiful people and awesome fashion. You never get to wear sweatpants and heavy coats in California. I just love the fashion. They are a little rude in London, but I think that is the same in many big cities.

I’ve found that everywhere except for Portmsouth. Majority of people will stop you and ask you if you want directions or something. In London someone stops you on the street to have a go at you.


What is you favourite venue?

Ollie: There’s this place in Indiana, Hoosier Dome and it’s this really run down room, but it is kind of like 300-400 kids and they lose their minds. There is no rules because it is a community based venue, they respect that, but they go insane.

Niles: I have seen kids hang from the rafters during our set before.

Ollie: Underworld in London had a cool vibe. I like the angle and you can stand up if you want.

Niles: I like that place in Manchester, I can’t remember what it’s called though. I like that place a lot.


If you could listen to one artist/band for the rest of your life who would it be?

Ollie: The Cure, for sure! They are the best band in the world. They have like 12 records and they are all dreamy and whimsical and weird and lovely and I mean they have made me who I am. They made me realise the true potential of weird lyrics. They also have a quality sound; hollow body guitars and crazy pedals, so it sounds like a dream, It sounds like The 1975 without trying to hard.

Niles: Probably ‘The Early November’. It’s not an old band, but I have loved them since I was 13 and everything they do is like a masterpiece. I would fall in love with that band, so probably them.


What are three things you can’t go on tour without?

Ollie: My journal, my Polmade and my umm, Advil. I get bad headaches, people annoy the shit out of me. Not you, just everyone else!

Niles: My camera now, I don’t go anywhere without that. My contacts because without them I am blind. I don’t want to say my phone because that’s lame. I don’t know, they are my two main ones… Converse!

Ollie: There you go – shoes!


If you could create a dream band, so you could line up anyone living or dead, who would it be?

Ollie: Alright, so we’ve got a collab effort on the vocals; Ian Curtis and Morrissey. And then no other band member, but Daft Punk. Maybe Robert Smith on guitar and then like Frank Ocean to be there for moral support.

Niles: That’s an Oliver Baxxter band everybody! I’m probably not going to know all the names, but the drummer of Rush, Prince, Angus Young from ACDC. I’m just going to go for Geddy Lee and Eddie Van Halen, why not. I want it to be like a 1980s supergroup with 20 minute guitar solos and Prince.

Broadside are lovely lads with an amazing album, if you haven’t already listened to ‘Paradise’ then get on it! This pop-punk band are bending the genre rules and having fun with it. Catch them on tour to really experience the music.

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