DON BROCO release ‘Stay Ignorant’ | Review

Don Broco’s only UK show is fast approaching and the band are releasing more music to wet the appetite of those lucky fans with tickets. The single comes shortly after they announced their third album, ‘Technology‘, which will be released on January 26th, 2018. ‘Stay Ignorant’ follows this new and improved sound the band has been teasing with their previous two singles ‘Pretty’ and ‘Technology’.

‘Stay Ignorant’ begins with an extremely funky bass-line. This new album is really shaping up to be something new for this band; something combining elements of rap, electronic and the sound we all know and love them for. The 3 new singles are all bass and beat driven, with roaring guitar riffs that command your attention. That’s not to say though, that this evolution is a step in the wrong direction – on the contrary, I think these new singles are some of the best releases this band has.

The video features some wild clips from the band’s Reading and Leeds sets and is certainly a lot more sane than the previous two videos for this album. A mix of some amazing live shots with the band and the crowd going hard and the band doing everyday things whilst head-banging along. It definitely has me more excited to see this band live next month.

This track was the first that I didn’t like straight away, after the first listen I just didn’t get it and was still approaching these songs with the mindset of the previous albums. But after hearing it again it really did grow on me. This song feels so quintessentially British, reflecting some of the ‘finer’ points of the lad culture we have here talking of big nights out and not coming back and sinking beers whilst watching the match. It’s simple, infectious and emphatic. Whilst the verses are fairly subdued, focusing primarily on Rob’s voice and the bass, it means that when everything comes together it does so with force. This is a song I can imagine people moshing too.

‘Stay Ignorant’ is further evidence that this coming album is going to be Don Broco’s best yet, so keep an eye out for more news on the release date. There are still tickets left for their only UK headliner this year – so if you like what you hear then grab a ticket whilst you can and experience this band live.

Let me know what you thought of the track below!

Stay Ignorant

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