LIKE MOTHS TO FLAMES release single ‘Dark Divine’ | Review

On October 7th, Like Moths to Flames released their new song ‘Dark Divine’ ahead of their album release November 3rd. The song demonstrates a new sound which really highlights the talent of the band. If you’re a fan of the scene then you have to give this song a listen.

When someone mentions Like Moths to Flames, I always think of some crazy screaming vocals, but with this new song, although there is the iconic screaming, it features a lot less throughout. Chris Roetter shows off his vocal range and proves that he can take on anything. I’m a fan of this song, even if it has taken a less heavy turn than I would expect.

There is heavy guitar riffs, crazy drumming and awesome vocals, I feel like there isn’t really much more you could ask for in a ‘good’ song. There isn’t really an intro to prepare you, it gets straight into the nitty gritty of the song, which I am partial too. This song make me want to be in the middle of a mosh pit and with the energy and passion of this band you can be sure it would be an amazing show.

If you haven’t checked this band out, then I would highly recommend them. I have listened to this band for quite a few years now and I love everything they do, they are a band that will get you through anything and the lyrics are real.

Let me know what you think of the song below!

Dark Divine

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