COLTON AVERY releases single ‘Religion’ | Review

Colton Avery captured the hearts of fans with his amazing voice whilst touring with The Script. Since this tour in 2015 fans have been waiting with baited breath for more original music and we finally have it. ‘Religion’ is a fantastic song to reignite your love for Colton Avery.

This song reminds me of all the things I love about bands like The Script and One Republic,  especially on their older albums. For me, Colton is taking it back to a time before almost every song on the radio sounded the same and electronic music is a must. From the first 30 second snippet on Twitter I knew I loved this song in all its raw honesty.

‘Religion’ is primarily Colton’s voice and his guitar and it’s this melodic intimacy that really gives the song emotion. This song is beautiful; both in lyrics and melody. “You saved me more than any religion” is a line that many people on Twitter have been talking about, for many this is something we can understand – whether it’s a friend, family member or loved one (or maybe music itself) there are people and things out there that do genuinely save people. For me this song is Colton really opening himself up.

If you needed more evidence of how brilliant this young talent is then you need only take a look at social media. My Twitter feed is alight with tweets about how much they love this new single and how excited they are for more. If you feel the same way make sure you follow Colton to keep up to date and sign up to our email list so you never miss out.

Let me know what you thought of the single below!


One thought on “COLTON AVERY releases single ‘Religion’ | Review

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