Interview with CHASE ATLANTIC | 27.10.17

Electronic trio Chase Atlantic have just released their debut self-titled album and it is amazing. The three boys from Australia took the time to talk to me about what this album means to them, the hardest track to play and their fans.

Where did the band name come from?

Mitchel: The name Chase Atlantic, it took a while to come up with. We wanted a name that didn’t have an alternative meaning to what it is. The name kind of stuck and now you don’t think of anything else when you hear the name.

What kind of inspired you to be musicians?

Christian: I guess there is always that moment or that one show that make you want to do music. It helps if you have parents that love music, so you’re born into it and it grows over time. It goes from a hobby to a passion. There isn’t one defining moment just more progression, it just grows. into wanting to do music full-time

What would you like to achieve through your music?

M: When we started making music we strived for success, like that’s what human beings do. we started making music because we liked it and we liked the way it made us feel. Now that it is a full time career, so I think success is what we are striving for, but at the same time we want to help as many people as we can. If we can help people through our music then that’s fantastic, then we will continue to keep supporting them.

Your debut album just came out, how have you felt seeing that response?

C: This album has been a long time in the making and it is our first project, so um, we really put our heart and soul in this project, so to have the response we have had has been incredible. I don’t think we were expecting it this early into it. We have a great sign. Our fans are supportive and great with spreading the word by tweeting about it. Another thing with the strength with our fans is that they are all kind of friends. There has been a hashtag going around and the fans all get along with each-other. They get on through their music, like us I hope.

If you had to recommend a song to someone who has never heard anything by you before, which one would you recommend?

C: I think after playing it yesterday I would say Angeline. I have a soft spot for it. It is easier to play and it is quite sweet.

If you had to describe the album in three words, which words would you choose?

All: Hot, sex, fire.

Who would you say influences your sound?

M: We’re probably influenced by a shit ton of artists, just so many different artists that we have enjoyed over the years after we started being in a band. We kind of lean towards production, so if something sounds great, we are more drawn to the production qualities. There are so many different artists that have inspired us, to list a few like Travvy Scott and The Weeknd. Just music that we have been enjoying for a very long time because of the production qualities.

If you could collaborate with anyone, living or dead, who would you choose to work with?

All: David Bowie.

What is you favourite app on your phone?

M: My personal favourite app on my phone is Instagram. I could be on it all day. Instagram is just taking over everything, it’s the best app for sure.

My girlfriend has made me ask, what is your favourite dessert?

C: Stick Toffee Pudding.

Clinton: I’m not a massive fan of cake, I don’t like cake.

All: Ice cream

What would you say is the hardest song to perform?

Clinton: Our favourite song, um, I reckon Okay. Okay is definitely our favourite to play life. This question was hard to answer. And super dark days. We have just been rehearsing. Keep it up is real tough some how.

Finally, what would be your advice to an aspiring musician?

M: I guess, my piece of advice would be just to kind of really give everything a shot. Don’t restrict yourself into one single box where you’re just a singer or a writer or a producer. Kind of branch out and try and get your hands on anything that will benefit you on your musical career. At the end of the day, the more you get your hands on, the more you can do and then you’re more likely to reach success. Read your contract!


#2 Chase Press Photo - low res

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