Don Broco @ Alexandra Palace, London – 11/11/17| Live Review

Don Broco‘s headline show was one I have been looking forward to since it’s announcement. Alexandra Palace is such an amazing venue to be at, especially when it’s packed front to back and side to side. Don Broco, alongside State Champs and Counterfeit, did exactly that and had every single person in that room singing and bouncing along. The last time I was there was exactly a year ago to see Twenty One Pilots, and this show had just as much energy.

Counterfeit kicked the night off and what a start it was. For for the first time ever in my experience, a show ran on time – with Counterfeit starting so promptly it took me a few seconds to realise what was happening. With their Muse-esque anthemic sounds it was no surprise that they held the audience in the palm of their hand. There was jumping, screaming and head-banging as this British band played their short-set leaving many of us wanting much more. Since the show I’ve been listening to more of their music and really love the style they’re going for; they have an original sound that is something a little different.

Photo by: Alex-Jay Photography
Being a fan of State Champs for a few years now, I was ecstatic to hear they would also be supporting Don Broco at this massive show. The band rocked the venue, bringing a whole new level of energy to the venue. Their set was incredibly feel-good; it really lifted me up and got me hyped for Don Broco. Old songs and new songs alike featured in their set, with something for those new fans who may not have heard much of their music and something for the die-hard fans that have been there from the start. Not to mention an exciting announcement about the progress of their newest album. (Spoiler alert: they’ve finished recording it!)

Don Broco somehow managed to take the night a whole level higher. They looked like 4 lads taken from different bands and dropped onto the stage, but their presence was magnetic. It was impossible to not look at the stage or the impressive light show they put on. Not a single note was missed, including some brilliant speedy guitar changes mid-track that were truly astounding. Each band member rocked the stage in their own way, be it nonchalance, non-stop spinning or abandoning the stage for the crowd – it was insane.

My favourite song right now, ‘T-shirt Song‘, was one of the best songs of the night. Rob gave a little backstory on how the song came to be. The music video for their latest single was recorded during the night, and the crowd was suitably rowdy. It seemed that they got a whole new lease of life when the song started playing. Seeing an entire crowd starts swinging T-shirts, coats or whatever they could was genuinely moving and a little entertaining – it really for everybody in the room together.

The night was made even more special with treats such as their acoustic performance of two songs and the revival of some of their oldest songs. Fans from all ages of the band were rewarded, with songs from each album the band has produced. Including all the singles from their upcoming album Technology. Not only this, but prior to an outstanding performance of ‘Pretty’ we witnessed a real (we’re pretty sure it was real this time!) proposal linking quite nicely with the music video. Bottom line: this band put on one of the best live shows I’ve ever seen.

Don Broco Ally Pally
Photo By: Marcus Maschwitz
Ultimately, these three bands are all brilliant performers. Don Broco really blew me away, going above and beyond my expectations. The crowd was insane, the lights were fantastic and the performances outstanding. Keep an eye out for news on Counterfeit and State Champs. If you’re a fan of Don Broco, be sure to catch them as they tour the UK early next year, shortly after the release of their album ‘Technology’.

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