PVRIS @ O2 Academy Brixton, London – 30/11/17| Live Review

PVRIS’s largest headliner to date at O2 Academy Brixton was insane. I haven’t been to this venue since Panic! At The Disco played here, but PVRIS really owned the stage. Being sat in the Circle meant that we had an amazing view of the entire stage and the energetic crowd below. There were theatrics, a killer light show, and just fabulous performances.

Tyne kicked the night off. I hadn’t heard anything from this young lady from Cambridge before, but her set really won me over. The songs really struck a chord with me and I’m excited to hear more from her and watch her continue to grow and progress. Her set was simple yet sweet and left me wanting to hear a whole lot more.

Coin was up next and was absolutely insane. Lead singer, Chase Lawrence, rarely stood still and really got the crowd going. It took me a while to warm up to their live style, as it seemed so different to what I’d heard from them already, but they did get everyone up and moving.

Being the biggest PVRIS show ever, it meant so much, not only to the band but everyone in the crowd. I haven’t seen them live since they opened for Bring Me The Horizon, at that show the crowd wasn’t so into them, so seeing them fill a venue like this and to hear the fans screaming along was brilliant. Their stage set-up was really interesting; they had two drumkits and 3 rectangular screens that showed various images throughout the show. It was a little confusing at times but definitely cool to look at.

But the show wasn’t all brilliant music. Lynn broke the ‘formality’ of the show with a fair bit of humour, burning her lip on some tea and having a spider fall onto her hand as she played the keyboard. Someone threw toilet roll on the stage, which confused everyone including the band. It was a brilliant show. The band also showed their love for the LGBT community. Brian (bass guitarist) got a flag saying ‘Protect Trans Youth’ from the audience and attached it to his percussion board. Lynn also put an LGBT flag from the crowd over her drum kit.

All in all, this show blew me away. I will never forget this show and will be re-watching the videos we have for a long time! Their live show is brilliant, so if you get the opportunity to see them live then take it – you won’t regret it.

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