Interview with Charly&Faust | 13/12/17

Fronted by two French female vocalists, the multi-ethnic band performs heart touching ballads telling stories about everything, from love to heartbreak. Charly and Faust of Charly&Faust took the time to answer some questions about their fondest musical memory, the songs that mean the most to them and where they see themselves in five years.

Where did the band name come from?

Charly: Our band’s name comes from our two nicknames:  Faust for Faustine and Charly for me.

Faust: We just loved the idea of reunited our nicknames together.


How did you all get together?

Faust: Charly and I met first in Paris through a common friend. A few years after, we moved at the same time to LA and met the rest of the band members here.

Charly: Most of them were or still are a student at The Musicians Institute in Hollywood. We first met Coralie Hervé (Drums) who introduced us to Eric Reymond (Bass), who knew Jefferson Fichou. We met Nathan Lorber (Keys) through a notice posted on our Facebook page.


What inspired you to become musicians?

Faust: I really think life is my everyday inspiration! Of course, amazing artists inspired me as well like Joan Jett, The Doors, The Rolling Stones, Pat Benatar, Micheal Jackson, etc.

Charly: When I was younger, I had a hard time to express myself. I still got issues sometimes. To jog and to play tennis help me, but when I start to sing and play the guitar, something clicks in me! That’s when I was a teenager I understood that if I was working enough I had finally found a powerful tool to tell what I wanted to tell to people. I am still working on how to put my feelings into words though. 


Was that what you always wanted to do?

Charly: Yes. It is actually the only thing I can do which can be tricky to pay the rent sometimes. But I don’t imagine myself doing something else. When I think about it, everything I’ve done until today is to make music my job. 

Faust: I always wanted to do a lot of creative things. Music is definitely a big part of my desire, but to be honest I don’t want to limit the Art to music. I want to try so many other things in life! 


What song would you recommend to someone who hasn’t heard your music before?

Faust: I will recommend them to listen to “Asshole” from our EP « Wild World ». I don’t have to explain why they should listen to it. I think it’s pretty clear!

Charly: I would say ‘Run for My Soul’. It is a song about the terrorist attacks that happened and are still happening everywhere in our world. It illustrates pretty well how we are trying to put our feelings and personal experiences in our songs. You might also love to listen to ‘No Rush’ which is about another big social topic: taking your time in a society that goes too fast! We just released the music video of this song, so if you want more than getting to know our music, go discover our faces!

What artists influence you as a band? Who do you admire?

Charly: Musically speaking our influences go from Lana Del Rey to Joan Jet to The Red Hot Chili Peppers to MGMT. But for us a band is not just about music. It is also about respecting your team and try to listen to everybody. I just saw the Netflix documentary about Lady Gaga and an interview of Mackelmore. The way they respect the people they work with is really inspiring.

Faust: As a band I’d say Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros is a pretty good example. I love their energy!  


Is there anyone you’d like to collaborate with?

Faust: Florence and the Machine would be amazing!

Charly: P!nk.


My Mum insists that in every interview I ask; what apps do you have on your phone and which one is your favorite?

Charly: Your mum has strange concerns *laughs* I would say that the app I prefer is « Double Tune ». That the only one I really need and use because I always forget my tuner pedal in rehearsals!

Faust: I have tons of apps on my phone but my favorite ones are Spotify, Waze and Pinterest.


Can we expect to see you playing shows in the UK anytime soon?

Faust: We would love to but for now we don’t have any dates. Maybe in 2018! That will be awesome!

Charly: It would be great but unfortunately, for now we are booking our own shows so it takes time! But why not working on a European Tour for next year!


Do you have any pre-show rituals?

Faust: Warming up my voice and having a glass of red wine.

Charly: Faust is doing everybody’s make up. We got tribal face paintings on stage. And of course a beer and a cigarette is part of my personal rituals.


What would you like to achieve through your music?

Charly: Two things! A really selfish one but much needed which is simply to be able to pay my rent. And another one which is having people understanding the messages we are trying to communicate!

Faust: Transmit messages in which people can recognize themselves in. We want to communicate emotions and strong passion. If people understand that, I’ll be thrilled!


To you, what is the most important part of a song?

Faust: Every part is important! Every detail!!! I’m difficult you can see that in our vlogs *laughs* 

Charly: Faust is right. Everything is important and that is why we are working with people who can be sometimes better than us for some stuff.


What do you think is the easiest and hardest part of a song to write?

Faust: The easiest is the subject and the hardest is to find the proper words to express ourselves. Specifically because we write in English and our first language is French!

Charly: I would say the chorus. That the part that define the dynamic and the topic of the song. If you screw it up, your song is not gonna stay in anybody’s mind.


If you’re buying music, how would you do so: CD, vinyl or digital?

Charly: I love vinyl and CD. Speaking of which, I need to buy a new CD player… Mine broke!

Faust: I would buy digital but I like vinyls, it sounds vintage and makes me feel cosy in my living room.


What is the most challenging song to play live?

Faust: The most challenging is “Run for my soul” it’s a very strong message and it’s very hard to pass it on 100%. 

Charly: I would say “Angel”. I don’t have my guitar on this song. I don’t know what to do with my body *laughs*


What’s your earliest musical memory?

Charly: When I was dancing and playing music with Gnawa musicians in my grandmother house in Morocco. I was falling asleep while they were playing downstairs. 

Faust: I don’t remember the earliest but the latest was when I was singing in my shower this morning and my neighbors knocked on my door!


What’s your fondest musical memory?

Faust: Our first EP release party. Magical.

Charly: Ok it is sad and totally simpleton! When I was a teenager, my grandmother got sick and fell in the coma, I didn’t know what to do so I sang her a song she taught me when I was a toddler. When I finished and was about to leave, she got the strength to take my hand in hers. I stayed paralyzed realizing how much music could be powerful!


What advice would you give to aspiring musicians?

Charly: Continue! You are the only one who can make things happen, but don’t forget that it is a passion first before a job! That is actually why we want to do music for a living right?!

Faust: Always staying the student and learn from life!


Have you ever met an idol and freaked out about it?

Charly: Not really. I had the chance to interview The Animals with my best friend though. That was an amazing moment.

Faust: Unfortunately my idol is Michael Jackson. I love Prince as well and I’m super happy to say I met him!


What would be your dream tour?

Faust: A dream tour… In the United States with the people I love playing with in historical venues.

Charly: Well just doing a tour with the band would be awesome already! But touring in Europe to get the chance to go back to places and to see people we didn’t see for a long time would be great.


Where would you be, ideally, in 5 years?

Faust: I don’t know! As we say in our song ’No Rush’ I’m trying to live the present! But I would love to still be in LA with a good musical career and with the same people I started it with.

Charly: Ideally I would be in LA, still doing music for a living, and having a vegetable garden on my balcony. Can you imagine going out and pick up fresh raspberries for breakfast? The dream!!!

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