Abbey Glover uploads new song ‘Lie To Me’ | Review

Abbey Glover caught my attention with her original song ‘I Wish You Liked Girls’ and I’m not alone. This YouTube singer has over 100,000 subscribers and that video has nearly 1 million views. This new upload, ‘Lie to Me’, is raw and emotional and as beautiful as every song Glover shares with her fans.

I love the simplicity of her songs; her voice and a ukulele. The raw presentation heightens the emotion she shares through her music. ‘Lie to Me’ is a song bleeding honestly, about the type of love where you overlook the flaws of your partner almost to a fault. The song speaks to your heart and is one many can relate to – you just have to read the top comments on YouTube to realise just how much it means to people. Her unique voice hooks you instantly and this brilliantly composed, fabulously written song will have you trawling through her past uploads for days.

Abbey Glover has an undeniable talent. She’s an artist who is going places, be sure to follow her so you’re there to see it happen. Her music may be about her own experiences being gay, but it is by no means inaccessible. Do yourself a favour and subscribe to her channel.



One thought on “Abbey Glover uploads new song ‘Lie To Me’ | Review

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