Jasper Owen | Sing Something Saturday

Jasper Owen is relatively new to YouTube with only 4 videos on his channel. However, people were first introduced to his beautiful voice through his collaborations with Abbey Glover. Jasper has just over 5,000 followers but he deserves much more and I’m sure he’ll one day be selling out stadiums.

My favourite video with Jasper has to be his cover of ‘Lay Me Down’ by Sam Smith, featuring Abbey Glover. His sultry, smooth voice is perfect for these easy-listening songs, giving them a wonderful twist. Like many YouTubers, he plays his own instruments – in this cover highlighting his skills on the piano. One of the things that set him apart for me, is the apparent ease of his voice which harmonises beautifully with Abbey.

An extremely close second would be his cover of Arctic Monkeys ‘Do I Wanna Know?’ also with Abbey Glover – though this is featured on her channel. I love the way they completely change this song into something both familiar yet sounding completely new.

Trying to choose three ‘favourite’ songs was more like seeing which order they came in on shuffle – ultimately every song on his channel is worth a listen. In his cover of ‘White Tiger’ he also highlights his guitar playing abilities. Though I hadn’t heard the original, this cover really grabbed my attention and interest.

Jasper is insanely talented. Similar to artists like Ed Sheeran, Sam Smith and Michael Buble, his smooth voice is hypnotic and therapeutic. I wish I could sit down and listen to him sing for hours and as his channel grows this is certainly something I’ll be doing. Make sure you subscribe to his channel so you never miss an upload!


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