FUTURE SUNSETS | Sing Something Saturday

Future Sunsets is the project of multi-instrumentalist David Michael Frank. Having received critical acclaim on MTV, Billboard, Buzzfeed & Perez Hilton, FS has played over 60 sold out shows around the US and Canada, as well as headlining a 15-city European tour, he has garnered more than 141,000 subscribers.

Undoubtedly my favourite from Future Sunsets has to be their In Bloom mashup. It was a suggested video on Facebook and I immediately fell in love. The original Neck Deep song is really special to me,  but this cover has come to mean even more to me. I love the simplicity and it genuinely made me cry when I first heard it.

When I saw a cover of my favourite band I was obviously super excited! This cover completely demolished any expectations I had. Future Sunsets is versatile and talented, though predominantly posting covers – he makes these his own and really highlights his own talent.

You will definitely find at least one cover of a song you like. My final choice for this week is ‘Iris’ by Goo Goo Dolls. Again, this song is really relaxing and easy-listening. It’s a brilliant cover that really does the song justice.

Go check out Future Sunsets official channel and take a look at the plethora of covers there – everything from rock to indie to pop-punk.

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