Abbey Glover | Sing Something Saturday

Since first hearing Abbey Glover on YouTube I fell in love with both her amazing covers and fabulous original songs. Her 135,000 subscribers obviously feel the same way if all the likes and comments are anything to go by. There’s something on her channel for everybody and it’s definitely worth scrolling through for hours.

This cover of Alt-j’s ‘Breezeblocks’ won me over immediately. A girl sat in the bathtub with a ukulele drew my attention, I had to see what this person sounded like and I’m so glad I did. I never really got the original of this song, but this cover gave it new life. One of the things I love about Abbey, is how each song is made her own. She really highlights her incredible vocal range on this wonderful cover.

Abbey’s cover of ‘Heathens’ sounds like a completely different song. I couldn’t stop listening to this fabulous performance of a brilliant song. The ukulele really helps change the atmosphere of the song and helps make this stand out as more than just a cover. I absolutely love her unique voice and style.

The Neighbourhood’s ‘Sweater Weather’ comes to life when Abbey sings it. I love the serenity of the cover, there’s something intrinsically calming about her voice.

Do yourself a favour and check out this talented songstress’ channel. Her covers and original songs are amazing and I know you won’t regret watching this rising star grow!

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