DUCKING PUNCHES – The Wave Maiden, Portsmouth – 1/06/18 | Live Review

Ducking Punches, Death By Shotgun and Kill the Witness rocked The Wave Maiden. The intimate venue was filled with passionate fans and those who got drawn in by the music from downstairs alike. All of these people had something in common – by the end of the night we all loved the three bands that played. The night put together by Nerd Rage Bookings, gave us a range of the very best punk has to offer; from pop-punk to indie-punk all these bands gave us music that meant something

The night began with a performance from Kill The Witness who blew me away. I can’t quite think of how to summarise their show other than to say it was outstanding and busy. 5 boys crammed into the tiny space that made a ‘stage’ and poured their hearts out. The intimate and kooky venue played into their hands, creating an atmosphere that couldn’t be captured elsewhere. I left that night with a free copy of their album ‘Poison’ and £10 lighter.

My friends in Death By Shotgun were as amazing as always. We’ve been lucky enough to see them three times and they seem to get better every single time. New tunes were played that have me itching to get my hands on their upcoming EP. It’s impossible not to dance and sing along to these guys, their energy is infectious and has you hooked from the start of their set. They’ll be back in Portsmouth in July and you’d be insane to miss these guys in action.

Headliners Ducking Punches exuded emotion from the get-go. Their set began suddenly and without warning, pulling the crowd closer and engaging them both physically and emotionally. Their live show has a depth that their music can’t quite capture, the emotion you think you hear in the record is tangible on the stage, Even though the room was crowded, with people standing arm to arm, it felt like you were the only one in the room.

The Wave Maiden was a brilliant venue, stepping in last minute after booking issues, and was a brilliant location for the soul-searching, emotional punk performances that took place. I’d recommend both checking out the venue (especially if you like your beers and tunes) and all the bands that played.

the festing fri 1

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