Twenty One Pilots Return with New Music and Tour Dates

As twenty one pilots break they’re hiatus with the release of two brilliant songs, I break mine with a review. The band released ‘Jumpsuit’, ‘Nico and the Niners’ alongside an announcement of a world tour AND their next studio album ‘Trenches’.

Twenty one pilots are clearly experimenting with different genres as they’re known to do. Jumpsuit ends with a break down reminiscent of heavier bands like Hands Like Houses and Crown The Empire. This moment will be incredibly insane live, the moment bringing to mind their previous hit ‘Car Radio’. To hear electronic music, a lighter tone of voice and then screaming sections – it’s safe to say the boys have found a way to surprise fans, despite the open mind I approached these singles with. The video for Jumpsuit raises more questions than answers, but is another fabulous video directed by Andrew Donoho (director of the video for Heathens).



‘Nico and the Niners’ take us further into this world the band are creating. Most of it remains a mystery, with fans constructing various theories based on letters from Clancy and things we’ve heard and seen. Even if you choose to ignore the beautifully detailed world, the song alone is pure perfection. The band are clearly evolving, but in a way that they have successfully retained (and drawn in) fans – something most bands find difficult. They take inspiration from all styles of music, the rap towards the end reminiscent of Flobot’s ‘Handlebars’. This new music sounds fresh and heartfelt and I’m overjoyed that their much needed time off produced music this good.

Twenty one pilots have returned with a bang, and I don’t doubt that the rest of their releases will be just as brilliant. They’ve given fans much to look forward to and I’m excited to hear and see what the future holds. Comment below your favourite part of their return!



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