BTS release new song ‘Epiphany’

BTS never stop working and are back again with the first track from their upcoming album ‘Love Yourself 結: Answer’. The final part of their Love Yourself series, the song ‘Epiphany’ not only gives fans a taste of what is to come musically but lyrically too.

‘Epiphany’ is a solo song sung by Jin. His vocals are truly beautiful and angelic, really giving life to the song. As the member who previously sang about feeling untalented, it marks an important change that he is now singing solo about loving yourself despite your imperfections – a change that fans are happy to see! The message of this song is a testament to the real and relevant lyrical content of BTS songs. Their music is relatable and does not shy away from difficult topics – their previous album dealing with the dark side of love. This album appears to tackle the issue of loving yourself.

The music video, like all BTS music videos, is very cinematic. It provides a story which is woven deep into the imagery throughout, each time you watch it you’ll find something new which links to the rich storyline which runs through all BTS music videos and the message of the song. The video appears to confirm a popular fan theory in which Jin can time-travel and hints at a reunion of the friends in future videos.

Love Yourself: Answer is set to be a fabulous album and I’m excited to hear the conclusion of the Love Yourself journey. With new songs comes new videos to add to the rich and exciting storyline presented in every video. Fans worldwide (myself included) will be waiting patiently for the story of this album and their videos to be revealed in typical BTS style.

Jin - Epiphany

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