FASHION WEEK release new single ‘Dark of the Cinema’ |Debut

Fashion Week’s ‘Dark of the Cinema’ will have you desperate to hear more. The three-piece band join the ever-growing list of awesome musical talent from Columbus, Ohio. With a sound similar to upcoming artists, I Don’t Know How But They Found Me and Vesperteen, it would not surprise me for this band to follow in their success. Listen to the track for the first time here exclusively before it’s available everywhere tomorrow!

There’s something oddly familiar about ‘Dark of the Cinema’, it has the feeling of a song you’ve always known and loved. Somehow, the song manages to be both dark and upbeat but above all else, incredibly infectious. The song explores the romanticism of the cinema, remaining innocent on the surface yet somehow feeling dark beneath that; this song is expertly crafted to remain ambiguous as to suit any mood or occasion.

This song is hard to place into a specific genre, as it is so many things at once, but I think that is what makes the song even better. Every time you listen to it, it presents to you different feelings, which is not an easy task. We’ve all played a song so much that it annoys us, but ‘Dark of the Cinema’ is a track that feels different every time and I don’t think I’ll ever tire of it.

I love this track and am so excited to preview it on my site, let me know what you think of the track below and be sure to buy it when it becomes available tomorrow!


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