VINYL THEATRE release new album ‘Starcruiser’ | Review

Vinyl Theatre have returned with their album ‘Star Cruiser’, their first release since parting ways with label Fueled By Ramen. This album is a beautifully curated collection of songs from the heart. From the first track to the last, you are hooked by their individual sound and raw honesty. This album marks a change in the band that can’t quite be explained, other than to say that I believe their best days are before them.

The album kicks off with ‘Our Song’, a song that immediately announces to the listener the individual sound that can only be Vinyl Theatre. Pop, rock, rap and electronic sounds meld together to create something vibrant and new in a sea of music that can sound very bland. The song is raw, emotional and a brilliantly honest start to an album. This type of openness is something valued by fans these days.

‘Feel it All’ is a song that has you pumped up and ready to go. When I heard this song for the first time I felt like I could run for hours, it has such an energetic and powerful sound that borders on aggression. Aesthetically, the video for ‘Feel it All’ reminds me of twenty one pilots, but musically this song sees them moving away from this band (whom they are often compared to) with a more electronic rock sound similar to Imagine Dragons. For me, this album really sees Vinyl Theatre come into their own and show us fans just what they’re made of.

It is incredibly difficult to pick out feature songs from this album, because every song has its own unique energy. Their versatility is evident in the change in sounds from ‘Feel it All’, to ‘Dream of Me’, a beautiful love song. ‘Dream of Me’ stands out to me, as it reveals the true power of Keagan’s voice which portrays such deep emotion. For a band to connect emotionally with listeners is a rare ability, but this stripped song (featuring just Keegan’s voice and a guitar) is able to tug at your heartstrings and stay with you for a while.

This is definitely an album that deserves a listen, the band truly give it everything and explore their sound in new and exciting ways. Their fearlessness is evident in the range of sounds they present the listener and this is only the beginning for them. Let me know what song is your favourite from ‘Starcruiser’ and if you haven’t already, make sure you get your hands on a copy and give it a listen.

vinyl theatre starcruiser


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