Twenty One Pilots play one-off ‘A Complete Diversion’ Show in London | Review

Twenty One Pilots played their comeback show at O2 Brixton, London. The hiatus did the boys good, with both Tyler and Josh looking healthy and happy and giving a brilliant performance. The show introduced fans to the new era, combining the best of their old live show with new and exciting pieces (fire, cars and new songs to name a few). ‘A Complete Diversion’ has got fans all over the world excited for the new album ‘Trench’ and the World Tour that comes alongside it.

They opened with ‘Jumpsuit’, followed immediately by ‘Levitate’. Starting with the new songs had everyone in the crowd buzzing with energy and excitement which carried through the whole show. The line outside had been alight with rumours of what would happen on stage, one of which was a burning car, which was true. Throughout the night there was a car in the back centre of the stage which periodically set alight. The pyro element of a twenty one pilots show was new, but fantastic. It really added to their already dynamic show. Tyler began crouching on the roof of the car, with the flames around him which was a truly awesome sight. During ‘Jumpsuit’ fans threw fake yellow petals out (including us, over the balcony) and it looked incredible. With fans covered in yellow tape, wearing jumpsuits and yellow and green, we really looked like an army and it truly brought Trench to life; Tyler even commented on how amazing we all looked.

My favourite part of the show had to be their performance of ‘My Blood’. It was the first time they played this song live. The lighting during this song was really hypnotic and dynamic, contrasting with the chilled performance given by Tyler. The live show was seamless, Josh absolutely killed it on the drums and Tyler’s vocals were fantastic. We see the return of Tyler’s adorable attempts at dancing that truly warm the heart. Tyler involved the crowd in the end (similar to older performances of ‘The Judge’) using us as their choir of backing vocals.

Though we saw a lot of the new songs (all four released from Trench so far), the band also kept in a lot of their older songs, particularly the fan favourites such as ‘Holding On To You’, ‘Car Radio’ and ‘Ride’. They continued with the statement pieces of their performances, with Josh playing the drums during ‘Ride’ on the crowd, and Tyler holding on to the crowd during ‘HOTY’. ‘Car Radio’ also saw Tyler stood in the second level of seating, leaning over the barrier with the balaclava on. These iconic pieces of their live performance is a strong message to their fans that this new album does not change who they are or how much they want to be involved with us.

‘Trees’ ended their fantastic, one-off performance in the usual twenty one pilots style. People cried, people danced and people let go during the final song of the night. Both band members took to the crowd to end the song in style, followed by a cascade of yellow confetti so thick that you couldn’t even see the band. People found the confetti everywhere, it was in bags, in clothes, even in shoes.

‘A Complete Diversion’ was a brilliant window into what the new Bandito tour may look like. The performances were dynamic and of such high quality. If you couldn’t get to the show (or just want to relive it) we have uploaded all our videos from the performance and created a playlist in setlist order.

Photo Taken By: True Timbre Reviews

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