DEATH BY SHOTGUN have released new EP ‘Good Times // Sad Times’ | Review

My friends in Death By Shotgun just released their new EP ‘Good Times // Sad Times’ and it is amazing. Lyrically, the EP explores the ups and downs of life, creating a set of tracks perfect for any mood. The four-piece band continue to grow as people, as individual musicians and as a band. With this EP, the boys take centre stage and demand to be heard.

First track ‘Lines’ was released as a single. This song really showcases the bands individual sound, less than 10 seconds in and my girlfriend had already identified who they were – just by the instrumentals. Death by Shotgun are doing something different to anyone I’ve heard recently. It takes one hell of a band to have a drummer who is instantly recognisable, a guitar sound that you associate only with them and two incredibly talented singers who tie it all together.

‘Find the Time’ is absolutely amazing, with an acoustic guitar and beautiful lyrics this song really hit me. I love the melody and Dom’s voice in this and I just can’t get enough of it. This is one of the songs that I have on repeat at the moment; it’s like summer every day. The music that these boys are making is life changing. They are new and fresh and I think they are a band could get up there with the bigger names.

Every single song on this album is an absolute banger giving you so many different vibes. There is a song for every single mood, no matter how you’re feeling. If you ever get the chance to see them, you better take it because they have such an amazing presence on the stage and they are just so friendly.

If it wasn’t clear already, I love this band. I think Death By Shotgun is an incredible collection of talented lads making brilliant music. Make sure you get your hands on Good Times // Sad Times – I could have easily written essays on every song. They are a little band from Bournemouth that deserve to be noticed worldwide!

good times sad times

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