Dodie celebrates the release of her new EP with a special show

Dodie celebrated the release of her msot recent EP with an exclusive HMV signing and performance. The show was the most intimate I’ve ever seen, it felt rather like Dodie was just another person in the crowd instead of some out-of-reach celebrity.

Before Dodie even reached the stage, the entire crowd was belting out renditions of the songs on her new EP – already nailing every lyric. Every time the door to the stage opened the screaming was deafening. Dodie eventually appeared looking like she’d just rolled out of bed in the nicest way possible – it felt like we’d all called on a friend who we’d known for years. The very first song, Arms Unfolding, begun with crowd participation and began the sometimes beautiful and sometimes horrendous additions to Dodie’s songs.

Without a doubt, Monster was the crowd’s favourite song. There was emphatic screaming, there were people crying and Dodie had to break from singing because she was laughing too hard (and despairing at our inability to follow simple instructions).

The short set was a fantastic experience and had the most interaction between an artist and fans that I’ve ever seen (sorry twenty one pilots). The signing part of the event was just as lovely. She took the time to hug and talk to every single person there, even having someone there to constantly take photos through the entire thing.

Make sure you get yourself a copy of Dodie’s new EP ‘Human’ and check out our playlist of EVERY song she performed at the HMV event. If you get the chance to see her live – take it!

My girlfriend meeting Dodie; they’re dropping an album soon…

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