Here’s To You tell us about their new music video

Here’s To You are gearing up to release ‘Phase I’ of their three phase ‘Wonder/Wander’ album and its promising to be fabulous. The band took the time to write a guest blog about the music video for lead single ‘Burning Alive’.

Greg: The music video for Burning Alive went through a couple iterations of ideas, stemming from something really complicated – to something more abstract yet still full of depth. We had to scale back on this idea and just try to think of the overall visual, and from a logistics perspective, how to
get there. We worked really closely with our friend Sam, who we’ve done videos with before, to create an aesthetic that properly compliments the already established colors and tones of the photograph that is our album cover. I think, keeping that mind the whole time, yielded a very nice
result and expansion on what “Burning Alive” could look like in visual form.

Mike: Working with Sam helped us to achieve such a great result with this music video. We were all on the same page from the start regarding what kind of visuals we thought fit best with the song, and we’re all so happy with how the final product turned out. The coolest part of filming the video for me was the projection shots. Transforming Stephan’s garage into such a cool visual environment like that came with such a cool feeling. And I can say that I preferred shooting those shots not only because of how cool they looked, but also because it was absolutely freezing outside that day

Charlie: I was so excited when we all decided to work with Sam on the music video. I’ve been dating Sam for a couple of years now and have composed music to her videos, but never the reverse where she’s created a video to my music so it was cool to see the process in reverse. I love
the moody vibe of the sunset shots, night driving, uniquely lit parking garage, and projector shots. It all came together to complement the mood of the song so perfectly. After shooting she’s been talking to me about more ideas she’s been having for music videos so I definitely think we’ll be
working again together on future projects!

Stephan: To avoid being redundant, I just wanted to point out how fun it was to shoot. We were running around all day, from 5am, until about 9pm, almost non-stop because we had to get up insanely early to get those nice sunrise shots! We had a lot planned, but we also got a lot of great
shots on the fly just by brainstorming in the moment, and moving to get the shot done – that made this whole shoot a very unique, fun, and wild experience. Who knew that shooting a music video with your best friends would be so fun?!

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