DON BROCO play headline show at Wembley Arena | Review

Don Broco played their headline show at Wembley Arena on February 9th, supported by Neck Deep and Issues. Though the arena was not quite at full capacity, those who attended more than made up for it – wild mosh-pits, crowd-surfing and screamed lyrics ended the night as a resounding success.

Issues tried hard to demand the attention of the crowd and only partly succeeded. People seemed, on the whole, disinterested and lethargic. Though the band gave 100%, something felt missing and unfortunately that stopped their energy on stage being carried over to the audience. As a fan of the band it was disheartening to see such a pitiful response, but I believe their own concerts would be far more energetic.

The reception for the second opener, Neck Deep, was the reverse. They were introduced to the stage alongside a mental health charity, advocating for people to seek help and support when needed. Their show seemed fit for the big stage, filling the arena and enlisting the support of the entire audience. The crowd even booed when they said they were leaving, “we’re here for a good time, not a long time” lead singer Ben promised. I was truly sucked into the theatrics of the band, the sax player and onstage backing vocals and their relaxed stage presence that simultaneously filled the room.

For me, the highlight of their set was a song I’m already in love with – ‘In Bloom’. The tone of this song was accompanied and accentuated with truly beautiful lighting and the added bonus of a sax player. This track gives you the best of Neck Deep and its position as penultimate performance had me hoping they’d stay a little longer and almost forgetting who I was actually there to see.

This was the second Don Broco show I’ve seen and I was still blown away. Their casual command of the stage is incredible, they are a band built for the biggest of stages and the most energetic audiences. They performed songs from their latest album ‘Technology’ as well as some of their older tracks, making all fans feel welcome and involved.

Sadly, for me, their set was partly ruined by inconsiderate fans, friends and other VIPs who decided to stand and conduct some sort of reunion. Whilst this made it hard to see exactly what was happening on-stage, we were at least able to get swept into the enthusiasm of the crowd and enjoy the musical performance – even if I did leave fearing I had gone deaf in one ear. From what I could see, the band appeared more connected than at their show at Ally Pally and Rob sung with an ease that looks almost criminal. They put on an incredible show driven by their iconic cowboy character and their musical talent; it’s a refreshing take.

It was a fantastic night; Don Broco somehow topped their fantastic Ally Pally performance and proved they are more than worthy of filling arenas and stadiums. Though Issues had trouble connecting with some of the crowd at Wembley, I fully believe this has more to do with the crowd than with their performance. Neck Deep were warmly welcomed and truly missed and I hope to see them headline a similar venue in the future.

We have each and every song recorded and posted to our YouTube channel, you can find a playlist for Don Broco’s set-list below – you won’t regret watching this!

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