John Adams releases new EP ‘No White Lies’ | Review

John Adams continues to build on the momentum his career has gathered in the past year, releasing his EP ‘No White Lies’ and embarking on his largest UK tour to date. He has toured with the likes of Take That and Lemar and this EP reveals an artist who continues to grow and develop in the best of ways.

‘Million Lives’ is a touching love-song, accompanied by a similarly beautiful video. Simple yet heartwarming, the video’s vagueness allows it to act as a canvas for the listener or watcher. I feel some videos can taint the messages of a track or the emotion of a track with a plot that is too strong, but ‘Million Lives’ gets the balance just right. His tone reminds me of James Blunt, but stylistically this song is much more stripped reminiscent of Sam Smith and James Morrison.

John has a beautiful tone which bleeds with raw emotion. This pairs wonderfully with the stripped style, often featuring strings and choirs to create layers upon layers of soft, moving melodies. Title track, ‘No White Lies’ is a perfect example of all this coming together in a flawless package. Even if you were to ignore the fantastic lyrics, poignant and loaded (with stories and emotions and everything you could ask for!), then the melody alone is enough to have you in tears.

John Adams is bringing music back to the heart, ‘No White Lies’ is a return to what music should be – moving in every way and encompassing. This EP and this style certainly won’t be for everyone, but the sombre style is balanced out with tracks brimming with hope and joy. Adams proves in just 5 fleeting songs that he can do it all and he can do it all well.

Be sure to check out John Adams EP ‘No White Lies‘ and keep an eye out for tour dates – I think these songs will translate magnificently on stage!

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