TWENTY ONE PILOTS play first show at SSE Wembley Arena | Live Review

Twenty One Pilots played their biggest UK show to-date last night, kicking off their three night stop at SSE Wembley Arena. The venue was packed with fans of all ages and the band put on one of their best performances yet. The Bandito Tour marks the first time tracks from ‘Trench’ have been performed and sees a whole new energy.

The band’s antics on stage are well-known; from running on top of the crowd in a hamster ball to Tyler climbing during Car Radio. Fans have come to expect crazy things from this band, but this show marked the most shocking ‘stunt’ yet. During ‘Fairly Local’ Tyler was singing on a raised platform, before falling backwards iconically and appearing seconds later on the other side of the venue. This magic trick stunned the entire crowd and had us in the palm of Tyler’s hand. Those who weren’t already immersed in Trench definitely were now – three songs in and twenty one pilots had already blown everyone’s minds.

The addition of new tracks from Trench fits in seamlessly, creating a beautifully crafted and flowing concert. It features the statement, fan-favourites like ‘Holding On To You’ and ‘Trees’, but saw the inclusion of many of the Trench tracks. The night kicked off with ‘Jumpsuit’, one of the first singles from Trench, which was an atmospheric and dramatic start to the show.

About mid-way through the show the band moved to B-stage to perform a few of their slower songs. For me, ‘Bandito’ was one of the best parts of the whole show. Tyler changed up the track, channelling the vocal style of previous tour buddies Vinyl Theatre. A personal favourite track from Trench before seeing it live, Tyler’s angelic singing cemented this songs place as a favourite.

Twenty One Pilots produce an energy that cannot fully be captured in words. Their performances are phenomenal with the best lighting and animation I’ve ever seen. The combination of two truly talented musicians with a fantastic and equally talented crew creates what I fully believe is the best live show around. I’m always excited to see what Twenty One Pilots have up their sleeve and where they take both their live performance and their sound.

To see the entire concert, check out the playlist below.

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