CLEOPATRICK release new single ‘sanjake’ | Review

When you’re going through literally hundreds of submissions desperate for you to listen to their latest song, it takes some doing to stand out. cleopatrick did just that. Their band name alone had me desperately hoping that they made good music and I was not disappointed.

The band say the song ‘sanjake’ is ‘designed to incite vicious mosh pits and a sense of existential triumph. if you don’t get it, that’s probably because it isn’t meant for you.’ They are unapologetically authentic, making music for the chosen few rather than the masses and that is growing increasingly rare these days. Its an approach which, in my humble opinion, well and truly works.

Forget any preconceived ideas of what cleopatrick do, ‘sanjake’ is beautifully unexpected. With a name like cleopatrick I expected some indie-pop, maybe even some folky influences, I couldn’t have been more wrong. ‘sanjake’ is a driven, hard rock single accompanied by a fantastic lyric video which highlights the energy of the band.

This is a track designed to get fans rowdy at shows and I doubt it would fail. ‘sanjake’ is an anthem for those who ‘get it’ and this creates a very intimate raw energy. Trying to draw on specific influences for this band is impossible, they’ve thrown the classics of rock, hard rock and all the related genres into a boiling pot and created something fantastic. Don’t miss out on these guys.

‘we are cleopatrick, the people’s band. we make music for kids that feel the same shit we feel. the kids we see in the front row, singing every word because a rock show is the only place they feel they belong. ‘ – lets get this engraved on my tombstone, yeah?

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