TELLTALE debut new single ‘Bouquet’ | Review

Telltale released their track ‘Bouquet’ ahead of their EP ‘Timeless Youth’, due to be released April 26th. The rising alternative-rock group recently signed to Sharptone Records and will be touring this spring to support the upcoming release.

‘Bouqet’ is “about not being enough for someone and coming to terms with that reality. […] “I’ll never be your bouquet” is my own way of saying, “there are things about me that won’t always be pretty, there are parts of me that are quite literally wilted and dying, and I won’t numb myself out or stop showing certain feelings just to look nice for your display” explains vocalist, John Carter. The message of the track is incredibly important; to remain true to yourself despite pressure from others is increasingly hard in this social-media driven world.

But ‘Bouqet’ is more than just well-written lyrics. As I first listened to the track, the sun was shining and the days are finally getting warmer – this feel-good weather was perfectly accompanied by this feel-good song. It brought to mind brilliant bands like Broadside and Neck Deep who play with genre and style, ending up with a mix of pop, punk and rock – Telltale similarly draw on various styles of music.

Be sure to listen to their upcoming EP ‘Timeless Youth’ as both ‘Bouqet’ and the title track are fantastic.

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