ANTHEM are re-releasing their album ‘Nucleus | Review

Japan’s traditional heavy metal band ANTHEM have not only released a music video for the single ‘Black Empire’ from their album Nucleus, but they are also re-recording and releasing the album in the 29th of March.

As a fan of traditional metal and rock, this band really hit me in the childhood. Although they are unique, they ring with the sound of the legends found in the 1970s, such as Iron Maiden and Led Zeppelin – two bands that are known for their phenomenal sound and that I am still listening to today.

ANTHEM gives traditional metal a modern take allowing for the revival of such an iconic part of musical history. With amazing guitar work and stunning vocals, this band have really given me hope in metal again. The simplicity of the new music video really helps this feeling of going back to the roots of the genre, which I 100% welcome. Below you will find the music video to ‘Black Empire’:

If you’re a lover of the classics and want to feel the nostalgia of time through some insane riffs and cinematic vocals, then honestly look no further. Make sure you also check out their release of ‘Nucleus’ on the 29th of March. Also, if you have any review requests that are similar to this, or completely different, then I am rearing to listen, so make sure that you comment bellow.

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