Interview with Brookline

Brookline‘ are a New York Alternative Rock band who have recently released a highly emotional and super personal new EP, “Fade“. I chatted with the band about the new EP, musical influences, song writing, and much more …

I always start out with a ice breaker question so CD or Vinyl? 

Vinyl all the way. We like to collect our favorite artists presses! –Tommy

For the readers of True Timbre that may not know Brookline can you tell us how you got started as a band?

I had the idea for a band like Brookline and the name for a while. I met up with an old friend one day by chance in late 2017 and we started putting lyrics to the songs I had been working on by myself. Soon after we met Dae and Chris who heard the demos and wanted to join. Things didn’t end up working out with that vocalist but Tommy’s alright, I guess. –Mikey

What has the recording and writing process been for the ‘Fade’ EP been like? Especially since you described this project as a deeply personal set of songs?

The instrumentals for each of the songs were mostly written when I joined the band, and I took them and wrote about my personal experiences over the last few years. We improved the instrumentals and tweaked them to fit our new style and the new lyrics. It was a good outlet for the things I had been bottling up, but it was also somewhat tough to reflect on some of these things. –Tommy

Is there a particular song that each of you particularly connect to from ‘Fade’?

For me, Sinking hits home hard. I helped Tommy write the lyrics for this track based on past events in my personal life and things Tommy had experienced with someone in his family. –Mikey

Switching gears nows … what band or artist has been a major inspiration to you guys as band? Or individually as a musician?

We all have very different tastes in music and we bring all of their influence together to make our sound. Some of these artists include The Wonder Years, Linkin Park, Movements, The Story So Far and Beartooth. –Tommy

If you had the chance to write a song based off your favorite book? What book would that be and what type of song would it sound like?

I would love to write a whole EP about Joe Haldeman’s ‘The Forever War’, where I’d use references from the book to draw attention the wars in the middle east. Personally I feel like that book has never been more relevant, even though it was written just after the Vietnam era and Haldeman himself was Vietnam veteran. To give you a brief synopsis, the book is a Sci-Fi novel about a war that breaks out with an alien race in the late 1990’s. Due to relativity the Soldiers fighting in this war end up leaving for combat and coming home hundreds, sometimes thousands of years later. I was 6 years old when 9/11 happened, 17 when I enlisted into the Army and I’ll be 26 when my current contract with the reserves is up. As far as I can tell we will still be fighting the same wars. Add in the fact that social media has made trends come and go much faster than before and how disconnected being overseas can be and I think the comparison is pretty obvious and powerful. -Mikey

Are there any current artists that have been “On Repeat” for you as a band lately? What music have you guys been digging? 

Some newer albums we’re always jamming are Beartooth’s ‘Disease’, Proper Dose by The Story So Far, and Living Proof by State Champs. –Tommy

Dream concert venue to play at? 

We would love to play the House of Blues in Boston! –Mikey

And what’s next for Brookline?

Probably breaking up. –Mikey

He’s kidding. We’re currently playing shows to promote Fade and trying to book shows out of New York state, or at least out of the Albany area. We’re always writing, so more music is sure to be on its way soon. –Tommy

Anything else you guys would like to add? 🙂 Thank you for your time 

As always we would just like to thank everyone who is listening to our music and supporting us. We’ve already had great turnout with our EP and at all of our shows, we have a great fanbase already singing our songs back to us and that is an amazing feeling. We hope that our music resonates with others and they can relate to us, and just jam out with us! Thank you! –Tommy

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Be sure to check out Brookline on social media and check out their latest “Fade” all of which is listed above. As always follow our page for the latest and greatest in music.

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