ANY GIVEN DAY Have Released Their New Album ‘OverPower’

This 11 track masterpiece has recently been released and I am living for it. This German metal-core band have perfected their style and I couldn’t be happier with what they have produced. ‘Overpower’ really shows their talents and gives an insight into them as a band.

The two singles from the album really introduce you to what the band tackles and how this album develops and allows for them to grow as individuals as well as together. I love everything about this album, but ‘Loveless’ holds a special place in my heart. The lyrics just resonate within me making me feel so much, which I really appreciate when it comes to good music. ‘Loveless’ is accompanied by a music video, which you can find below:

‘Lonewolf’, track number 5, is also a song that I was immediately drawn to. Just like with Three Days Grace, I always favor songs about independence and strength and this is something that I found in this song. I love the imagery in the lyrics, the beautiful singing and the infectious choruses.

Everything in this album gives a message of strength, which I feel is something that this genre of music is known for doing, but there is something about these lads that I really love and is unique to them. They have such a good connection as band that really plays into their ability to create great music with each other and this is heard throughout ‘Overpower’.

At first glance, the band look like a mash of different genres and periods, but they come together to create such iconic music that will definitely be added to my uplifting playlist. Dennis Diehl, Andy Posdziech, Dennis Ter Schmitten, Michael Golinski and Raphael Altmann are behind Any Given Day. The reason I have given you their names is because they need to be known, these guys are sure to take off and become big in the music industry and I want you to get there before everybody else does.

If you haven’t already then make sure to listen to their new album and give them all your support and affection. They are great guys making great music and they deserve to be noticed and listened to!

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