AUDREY HOLLOW Release New Single ‘Better Off Dead’

Audrey Hollow release their second single for their upcoming album. With a heavier sound, this song gives the band a place to explore themselves as people and how to deal with things going wrong.

This North Carolina Quintet use this song to work through their hardships.
Frontman Blaine Fernandez references the line “Leave me hanging by a thread ‘til I unravel” in a summarizing statement of the lyrics. “We wrote this song when we were all in a pretty dark place in our personal lives. Between failing relationships, financial struggles and more, we all felt like we were under the thumb of someone else and we were falling apart as people. We were sick of it. We’d rather be dead.”

Between screaming and hypnotic vocals, this song gives a unique atmosphere that gives them a place within the metalcore scene that has not been filled yet. They are able to bring something new to the table. Although Audrey Hollow are not a big band, their level of production and sound is not diminished in any way and just goes to show the hard work and effort that they put into their music.

If you want to listen to the song, then click the link below and make sure to listen to their other songs and appreciate just how great they all are:

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