CRYSTAL LAKE Release New Music Video

Crystal Lake have released a music video for their song ‘Hail to the Fire’, allowing them to showcase their shows, their energy and their character. This music video really gives you more when listening to the song.

With already almost 130,000 views, ‘Hail to the Fire’ matches the music with the music video. When listening to their music, you can only imagine the state of the front row and the pits, but the video gives a glimpse into what I believe they always have at their shows.

You can find the music video below to see for yourself:

When watching the music video I couldn’t help head banging along and wishing that I could be in the very middle of it all. There is nothing more adrenaline inducing than being in the very centre of a heavy concert. Crystal Lake seem to really put on a show and engage with their audience, something I believe more artists should do.

If you’re into heavier bands, such as While She Sleeps, Bring Me The Horizon and I Prevail then you will most definitely appreciate this band and their talents as artists.

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