MAS MALO release new song ‘Dead To Me’ | Review

LA based Mas Màlo play with ideas of genre and style with their track ‘Dead To Me’. The 5-piece band came together from various bands across Los Angeles, drawing on their experience in pop-punk, post-rock and hardcore to create something unique.

‘Dead to Me’ is a fantastic example of what this band can do; whilst it feels familiar, Mas Màlo are doing something new and different. Attempting to compare this band to other existing artists is almost impossible. They remind me of bands like Neck Deep, Movements and Twenty One Pilots. Despite this, they somehow sound both alike and completely opposite to all these bands. Its a fantastic achievement to be able to manipulate genre in such a way.

Talking about their new single ‘Dead To Me’ the band says, “Loss is a difficult concept to grasp and not fast or easy to get over. ‘Dead to me’ speaks on the process of losing someone to suicide, the trouble, the endless thoughts of ‘what if’ and the constant reminder that pain is far beyond the surface.” The heavy importance of the lyrics is another thing that, for me at least, marks Mas Màlo as a band to watch. To be able to say something with your songs, something important and in this case something fairly taboo, but still create a song that is catchy and engaging is important. The song is not consumed by its topic, but rather enhanced by it.

The band will be releasing their debut EP later this spring via Know Hope Records. Keep your eyes peeled for more music from Mas Màlo and until then continue to listen to their fantastic track ‘Dead To Me’.

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