DEATH BY SHOTGUN rock The Wave Maiden | Live Review – 12/4/19

Death By Shotgun are the best thing to have come out of this site; a surprise set at a gig two years ago had me obsessed with this pop-punk band. Their small show at The Wave Maiden was intimate and bursting with energy.

The night was kicked off by Rosehip Teahouse, a beautiful and relaxed indie-rock set. The room swayed softly to the twinkling guitar and serene vocals which dominated this performance. It was brilliant to hear a female vocalist killing the game and reassuring to find such awesome talent rising up. Rosehip Teahouse will hypnotise you into loving them and you won’t even mind.

Next up was Live, Do Nothing; a band name which speaks to my soul. Their set was nearly the polar opposite to Rosehip Teahouse. Where Rosehip were soft guitars and softer vocals with no drums, Live, Do Nothing were roaring guitars and vocals which forced you to pay attention to them. Whilst it sounds like these bands shouldn’t be playing the same stage, it strangely worked. Live, Do Nothing’s set seemed to pass in a flash of music and bouncing and dancing, ending with a trumpet which filled a hole I didn’t know existed.

Headlining the night was my favourite boys; Death By Shotgun. They reached a new peak at The Wave Maiden with a chemistry and energy I don’t think I’ve seen from them before (granted it has been nearly a year). Each member well and truly dominated their instrument providing a perfect performance. Their energy rolled off them in waves, infecting the audience who couldn’t help dancing along – including a fairly impressive jive.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – Death By Shotgun are going to be big, don’t miss it! If you get the chance to see any of these bands live take it, they all put on impeccable performances. In the meantime, check out our playlist of ‘underappreciated artists who will one day rule the world‘ featuring both Death By Shotgun and Rosehip Teahouse.

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