Motionless in White Releases Two New Songs

After days of teasing things on their social media’s for something that was speculated as a single by some but as an album by others, like myself and my mother, two huuuuge Motionless In White fans. They teased for a release today, April 17th.

After much anticipation fans were woken up with not one notification but two from YouTube if they had their notifications on for YouTube. Today they released two singles, “Disguise” and “Brand New Numb”.

“Disguise” starts with something from a ballerina jewelry box, creepy lullaby beginning as it slowly brings you into the heavy song. Heavy, just the way I love my MIW. It reminds me of their old and new things.

“Brand New Numb” is like a 90’s Rock-esque, it reminds me of Green Day during the American Idiot era. If you prefer this type of genre then I definitely recommend this album to you!

I cannot wait for the album to be announced, they announced their album, “Disguise” with a release date of June 7th, so keep an eye on that date and for more singles to be released.


“Brand New Numb”

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