TELLTALE release EP ‘Timeless Youth’

Telltale’s second EP ‘Timeless Youth’ is released April 26th. We wrote about their awesome single ‘Bouquet’ when it was released and it got me really excited to hear the full EP! This pop-punk band are on the rise and you won’t want to miss out. Perfect for fans of State Champs, Real Friends and With Confidence.

The EP kicks off with the two singles ‘Timeless Youth’ and ‘Bouquet’, easing fans in with tracks they’re prepared to sing along to. Title track ‘Timeless Youth’ is a perfect introduction to both the EP and the band, presenting their authentic and original sound. Telltale firmly announce themselves as a band with something meaningful to say with these tracks.

Everything they do is done fantastically; drums drive the track and will have you tapping your foot, with the guitars getting you to dance (or headbang depending on your mood). The vocals are the cherry on top of these perfect tracks. ‘Rose’ demonstrates the layers Telltale expertly piece together; Pop-punk at its finest.

‘Hereditary’, the final track of the EP, packs a final punch ensuring that ‘Timeless Youth’ won’t be forgotten quickly. Sonically much darker and slower, the track is an interesting divergence that has you wanting more – there’s not much this song doesn’t do from screaming vocals to spoken word, it is the best and most effective final track I’ve ever heard.

Make sure you get yourself a copy of Telltale’s new EP and/or stream it! Check out Telltale’s single ‘Bouquet’ on our playlist ‘underappreciated artists who will one day rule the world’.

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