April Favourites 2019 | Playlist

We couldn’t make a more eclectic playlist if we tried. This sees the start of a new monthly feature collecting a few favourite tracks from each of our contributors. Listen to the playlist below and find out who chose what and why.

Amy’s Choices
BTS ft Halsey // Boy with Love – How could I not include this fantastic track from the k-pop stars taking over the world? I raved about the album in my review and nothing has changed – ‘Boy with Love’ is an infectious, up-beat pop track.’

Stray Kids // ‘Miroh’ – The only track able to rival my obsession with BTS’ hits is ‘Miroh’. This song is in my head 24/7 and I have a burning desire to learn the dance. If this song doesn’t fill you with energy and have you ready to take on the world then I don’t know what will! Be sure to give it a listen in the playlist and check out Stray Kids album too.

Lewis Capaldi // Someone You Loved – I don’t listen to the radio much and because of that miss a lot of the more mainstream artists, Lewis Capaldi somehow slipped through anyway. I started hearing his song everywhere (not to mention seeing his hilarious videos) and fell in love – I love a song that makes you feel and this song will have you crying on the floor.

Grace’s Choices
Imminence // Lighthouse – I am just absolutely vibing with this song right now. It is always on when I’m walking to work or the shops and I can’t help but have a mini rock out every time. I am loving these boys so much at the moment an I am so excited for what their new album will bring!

Memphis May Fire // Sever the Ties – An old classic that has been on a lot of my playlists recently. I have many different playlist and this bad guy appears in many of them because of its adaptability for so many moods. It is great when you need to get hyped to do something, but it can also be a song you can listen to when you’re angry and upset and I appreciate it’s ability to do so.

Brittney’s Choices
Bastille // Doom Days – Besides the fact they are my favorite band. This single deviates from anything that you think remotely sounds like Bastille. The influences are darker and a bit harder with the incorporation of synths and beats of Trap and R&B. Dan’s vocals are also very different. I can safely say this is the first Bastille that gets me hype!

BLACKPINK // Kill This Love – I love love love BLACKPINK! This song is just a fun song and great one to dance as well. I know K-Pop is having a moment but I have been a fan of this girl group for a bit and I feel they burst out of the typical K-Pop with their ferocity. They are definitely a band to watch.

SZA, The Weeknd, and Travis Scott // Power Is Power (off the For The Throne album of music inspired by Game of Thrones) – First off it’s great to hear something new from SZA. She’s a fave of mine and her vocals on this are so pretty. This song has just been ‘On Repeat’ for me as everything on this track just clicks into place. The beat alone is insane, I’d say it captures the vibe of Game Of Thrones quite well.

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