IMMINENCE Release Their New Album ‘ Turn the Light on’

I am so happy for the new release from those Swedish musical geniuses and they have definitely not disappointed me. Every single song on ‘Turn the light on’ is so raw and emotional that you feel like you’re in Eddie’s heart.

From top to bottom, this album gives you so many different emotions and vibes that it is literally going to bed there for me in any kind of mood. We got some sneak peaks into their work over the last couple of months which just showcased the awesomeness that these boys have been working on. Paralyzed, Infectious, Saturated Soul and Lighthouse are the singles form the album that have a video theme of darkness and mystery.

Through the album, the song that hit me hardest was Love and Grace. Eddie has once again proven that he can scream with the rest of them whilst also having the most angelic and beautifully raspy voice. I cannot get enough of how this song makes you feel/ It contrasts the rest of the album, but in the most refreshing manner.

Disconnected and The Sickness are both two other songs that I have really loved head banging and screaming along to. It makes me so happy to see that they are sticking to their heavier roots, whilst also branching in different and interesting ways.

Every single thing this band releases makes me so happy because you always know that they will always deliver some absolute bangers that are going to be in my head forever. I cannot wait to try and catch them at a show as their energy and atmosphere in the music is phenominal.

Make sure that you go and support Imminence buy streaming and buying their albums. Also, make sure that you check out their older albums, as they are all full of bops.

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