VAYA discuss their track ELAPHANTUS | Guest Blog

Hi There.
It is always a hard work to go back on your own lyrics and music and translate the layers of it for someone, because and it is probably the most important point : the vibrations it give to the public is prior from all the rest. I mean, I can try my best to translate the story of it but the conclusion of how to define the song is in public’s hands ☺.

Well ELEPHANTUS is born in my mind as a huge and strong totem of wisdom as Elephants are ; strong, slow but nothing can resist facing that ancestral and big animal. It inspires wisdom especially from the nature and the elders. It gives you peaceful emotions even when you have to face hard true destiny : Elephants have the power of the wise words.

Well VAYA’s work is about « Once upon ago » Human being and Nature power, especially how Nature can be strong how human can be fragile and how you should find your own faith to survive in between ; between your human and animal part into Universe Laws.

So the lyrics of ELEPHANTUS are progressive : First « she », then  « he », then « they » and finally  «  we are », all together, here down… And goes back on a degressive pulse : «  It is just a piece of you and I… ». Like Life, pulsing by dynamics and chiefly by cycles ; « Do you ask to yourself, sometimes, what we are here down, all together. We are everything and nothing at all at the same time (The waves make the ocean, ocean is the waves, beach is made by an infinite pieces of sand,….) it is just a piece of you and I ( we are all the same but so different and all together we make «  an ALL ».

So « She », « He », « They », « We » , all are a part of me, all are a part of you : ELEPHANTUS is primarilly a poetry, a message about humility : Not only between humans but also humans into the all environnement, under Universe laws, we can’t fight but have to accepte and surfing in, on, into it. Try to defy Universe laws, first you will loose lot of energy, time, love and finally die without any victory. The « Victory » is elsewhere.

So the colors of the music are fiting perfectly with the lyrics beginning with a deep sub keyboard, like the powerful spirit of the Elephant coming out of the forest, siting down at your side and telling you the story of life. The verses are straight to wake up your mind about human condition  finishing on a question «  And she just wondering, where will she go, where will she go ? ».

Then, put the public into the wave of the Chorus like a little boat trying to drive on deep ocean storm « In and Out, I don’t know, In and out, I will go ». Slow deep, reverbe voice, melancholy question, expressed through a strong music and a part of fragility. Then back on the verse pulse straight, like driving as mad on a high way without a « brake », pushing you deeper each time on the biggest chorus question « In and out »….

On the live version the bridge is making a clear wavering, to let also a breath to the public and make it listen a simple voice 

« In and Out
Playing the knight the king the queen and the bishop
My finger on the chess universe
My heart on black and white
I am still smoking and thinking about tomorrow
It is just a piece of you and I
( that one is at the end of the studio version/video clip version) »

So, it’s just a way for connecting people all together, just once, now, here down.



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