Halsey releases new single ‘Nightmare’ | Review

At midnight on May 17th Halsey dropped her anticipated single, “Nightmare”, she’d been teasing it for a few weeks on social media with teasers of the video, photos, and lyrics.

The song is about the empowerment of women whether its to do with men, themselves, or anyone in their lives that tear them down. In the song she speaks on herself with personal things that happened in her life but in the video she has various women, and only women in the video.

In the video she shows that women are strong and independent, throughout the song she mentions the lyric, “come on little lady, give us a smile.” which would circle in on the way that we’re expected to smile, nod and go on with our lives like we’re nothing. We’re told what we’re supposed to do by men who think they’re in control, but in this woman empowerment anthem, Halsey speaks that we’re more than these men attempt to tell us we are. We’re stronger than they think, we’re powerful, we’re dangerous and we’ll continue to fight like our grandparents did, like our ancestors did for women’s rights.

She uses what she can to spread the message that women aren’t going to allow things to be reversed back to the way they used to.

Halsey is a big voice when it comes to women’s rights, she’s used her platform more times than I can count to speak on the issues going on in the world. She’s an amazing role model that every girl needs in their lives, just as they do with other female artists like P!nk (who this video honestly reminds me of).

If you haven’t checked out the video already, you can watch it below.

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