BTS rock Wembley | Review

This review is a new one for me – based on my experience watching that fantastic live stream and my sister’s experience at the actual concert. What is clear is that BTS continue to grow and no stage is too big for them. The incredible night won over the admiration of my Mum, who liked the music but now loves the boys too, and captured the hearts of millions across the world.

BTS have a stage presence like no other band. It is not just a concert, it is an experience, it is a perfectly crafted movie. Each section fit together so beautifully with more breaks than usual, but their use of videos kept the fans captivated and intriuged. Whilst these breaks no doubt let the band rest, rehydrate and change outfits, it also allowed the fans a chance to sit down and catch their breath. Their use of the stage, props and video were mind-blowing – every band could take a lesson from these boys.

From the very start they were theatrical, cinematic and perfect. ‘Dionysus’ was a high energy song which got the crowd (and those at home) dancing and singing along. I loved the homages to the legend of Dionysus seen through RM’s stick amongst other things. I was also blown away with how fantastic their singing really was. For some reason it had never truly clicked with me before, but watching the V-Live I was suddenly struck with the realisation that they are singing perfectly and dancing too. The amount of rehearsals that resulted in their sublime performance definitely payed off.

When I asked my Mum which song she liked best, immediately she said ‘Tear’. It is not her favourite song, but the way they performed it on stage, for her, was the best performance that night. Even from my living room, the song took on a life of its own. The piano intro nearly had me in tears but as soon as the rapping began I was on my feet dancing around.

My sister was slightly different. Her bias is Jungkook, whom she said sang beautifully (as expected). But she said one of the best songs live was ‘Just Dance’. J-Hope’s solo was indeed impressive, not just because of his brilliant dancing, singing and rapping but because of the bubbly energy he exudes. His smiley persona could get even the most hardcore anti to smile. Each solo amplified the skills and personality of each member perfectly, allowing the audience and those watching on V-Live to appreciate not only their biases but all of the boys.

There’s so much I could talk about from our boy’s performance; outfits, staging and their fantastic vocals (duh!). But one of the things that blew me away the most was their attitude. They belonged their and they proved it to everyone who doubted them, their English was fantastic and not a single fan felt left out. Even those on the V-Live were addressed by the band. The V-Live itself demonstrated BTS’ power. Not only did they fill Wembley TWICE but they had thousands and thousands paying for access to a live-stream from across the world, with people staying up till 3 in the morning just to watch them perform. I’ve never seen a band with this much power and I hope in the future I can see these boys live myself.

If you went to the concert or watched the live-stream, let us know what your favourite parts were in the comments.

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