Of VIRTUE Releases Their New Album ‘ What Defines You’

This up and coming Michigan metal band are making waves in the states with the release of their newest album’ What Defines You’. With an array of songs, they have really showcased what they are capable of with this new music.

This band have made the leap across the pond and have fans just as die-hard in Manchester as they are in their home. With a balance between heavy metal and melodic vocals, Of Virtue create a complete balance of sound that appeals to so many different music lovers. This album has really allowed them to hone their skills as musicians and widen their reach outside of Michigan.

‘No Control’, ‘Alone’ and ‘Suffer’ caught my attention first as they put forward a very deep message of emotions and not fitting into society. They are relatable with the stories they tell through their music, which gives their music a more likeable. All three songs are also accompanied with music videos that are eclectic and exciting to watch. The music video for ‘No Control’ springs to mind Enter Shikari, whilst also maintaining its closeness and importance to the band. ‘Alone’ and ‘Suffer’ reveal more of a story, which can be interpretted in any way. But for me, it gave a sense of pain and anguish that fuels the music and the lyrics.

For those that are a fan of softer metal, then ‘Immortal’ will definitely be down your alley, as it features a lot more melodic vocals. My advice would be to listen to it through some headphones/ earphones though, as it features binaural transfers, as well as allowing for an emphasis on the bass and vocals, which really make this song.

If you want to watch the music videos, then please click on the link below:

Every song on this album has something to say and is definitely worth listening to, as each song gives you something else, which I really appreciate. They are wearing their hearts on their sleeves and they are giving this band their all, so make sure you watch these talented lads take over the Metal world.

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