ROSEHIP TEAHOUSE release new track ‘Growth’ | Review

Rosehip Teahouse recently supported Death By Shotgun at a fantastic gig at The Wave Maiden. Their set was magical and I was excited to get home and listen to more of their music. ‘Growth’ is their latest release and just as fantastical as before.

Commenting on the single, vocalist Faye Rogers says: “This track is about taking time to focus on yourself and your own personal development. I find myself in patterns of not focusing on troubles I’m having in life and how I tend to try and distract myself with my interactions with other people. ‘Growth’ is about stepping away from that and giving yourself space to breathe.”

The track somehow sounds like twinkling fairy-lights and is hypnotic in its beauty. Faye’s voice is so unique and instantly pulls you in, the way they layer the vocals creates a wonderful depth which I haven’t heard before. What I love about this track is the juxtaposition; it is somehow both delicate and powerful. I find this track (and honestly every track from these guys) so cathartic to listen to – my entire body heaves a sigh of relief and relaxes into it. I’m so excited to see what the future holds for these guys.

Rosehip Teahouse are doing something special and you don’t want to miss out on it. They are playing a run of shows around the UK to celebrate the release of their new single – be sure to check them out because their live performance is incredible. Be sure to check them out on our ‘underappreciated artists who will one day rule the world’.

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