MIDDLE DISTANCE join No Sleep Records and release single ‘Hiatus’ | Review

UK Alternative Rock band Middle Distance have joined independant record label No Sleep Records. The band from Bristol will release their new album Blueshift later this year. To celebrate their recent signing the band debuted a new single – ‘Hiatus’.

Immediately the vocals drew me in. Somewhere between indie and alternative, Middle Distance channel the best of Arctic Monkey’s for me in this new track ‘Hiatus’. it has everything you need, having a somehow simple sound with vocals that really drive the song forward at times. Instrumentally, the guitar acts as an anchor to the core feeling of the track and I love it.

Commenting on the new song the band states, “In an ever confusing and unpredictable modern landscape, Hiatus scratches the surface on breaking the cycle of the monotony of day-to-day life.” Things may be unpredictable and we may be stuck in a monotonous cycle of actions, but this track has me not minding. It’s laid-back sound makes me want to lay back and relax for the rest of forever.

Their album Blueshift is sure to be amazing – make sure to follow the band on social media so you don’t miss it. We added the track to our playlist ‘underappreciated artists who will one day rule the world’; go check out their track and all the other artists we love.

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