TARAH WHO talk about filming their upcoming video ‘Hurt’ | Guest Blog

TGC: The shooting of our upcoming music video ‘Hurt’ was very.. intense! lol We shot in 2 days, instead of 1 for ‘Numb Killer’. Initially, I wanted to have my friend Léa Lemoine perform. She is a professional Boxer (Savate) in France but she had hurt herself and was going to have an injury. After looking for a couple of other options. My wife actually suggested that I did it. I was not really sure about it but it made sense. I got in touch with ” Benny The Jet ” Urquidez, who a kickboxer and Martial arts choreographer. We met a couple times, the first time we all met, Joey, Coralie, Sensei Benny and his wife Sara Eaglewoman (Shaman) had dinner in the valley, in between shows. Tarah Who? was playing a show in LA in the afternoon for a small festival and then we had a show in the evening in the valley. It was such an incredible experience to meet and talk about the video, life and getting to know each other. Very Very intense! I met Sensei Benny a couple more times alone, and with the camera crew, and it all happened really quickly in fact. Sensei Benny was going to travel in May, and the camera crew had only a couple days that were opened, so we did not have a choice! We had to make it happen fast!. I was a little scared because I had not trained in years, and my ankle is still fragile from its break last October 2018. We all worked really hard on making this happen, we had a crew of 21 people, Maria Quintana was our DP. The directors from the video had to travel a couple days before the shooting day, luckily Maria asked Javier Arcelus to jump on the project and he accepted. I could tell that he could relate to the song which is better. The first two drafts that were sent to me were not really what I wanted to the music video. ‘Hurt’ is about someone who let you down, it is about a betrayal but also it is about that reaction that you have when you feel hurt. Moving forward with your emotions and not letting people, life put you down. It is a fight in your head between your emotions and your actions. This is why it was tricky to use someone and martial arts, because we don’t want people to see this as a violent, angry music video. It is not what it is about. Yes, I did feel anger and I embrace that emotion but the relief of letting go makes you feel stronger. Accepting the situation and moving forward with it. Sensei Benny, choreographed my every move, and co-directed with Javier. We have been working with Maria for over a year now so we are very confident in everything that she does. As a photographer, filmmaker and Director of photography. Her crew, Jude Abadi and Junbai Z. (Kay) are super efficient. We call them the 3 musketeers. They are very impressive to watch working. It was overall very intense, beautiful lights, great crew, we shot 6pm until 6 am both days but it was definitely worth it. We cannot wait to share the result! 

JS : Yes!!! The three musketeers!!! It was a pleasure to work with the crew again. Maria Quintana has been fantastic to work with and she has great artistic vision. ” Benny The Jet ” Urquidez was amazing to work with and he brought a positive energy to the set! He is truly inspiring to talk with. I was fortunate to be off camera for the most of the video and really got to see behind the scenes of the shooting. Instead of being under the hot lights haha. Watching the raw footage was insane. They captured some really cool shots within the gym and it looks unreal. I remember feeling like this was really going to come together nicely. We are very excited to share this new video with you!!! 

CH : Our song “Hurt” is the slowest song on our new EP called “64 Women”, it’s really different from our previous video “Numb Killer”. We worked again with Maria Quintana and her crew, she really knows us now and is an amazing photographer/videographer.In my opinion, I can tell that these two music videos are related, there is kind of the same ambience with the lights and smoke (but different of course) which I really like. I’m really excited to see the result because we shot in the gym of Benny the Jet and it was unreal, we played on the ring and it’s really something else !!

TGC: I am not an actress so i really needed to get out of my head that “people” were watching, but Sensei Benny was amazing. He had me focused on his voice only. I was like in a meditative state the whole time we were shooting the boxing parts. The music part with Joey and Coralie just felt like home! We don’t really play this song live since we are a punk/grunge/ fast tempo live band, so it was really different for us to perform the song. We thought that it would be a great contrast for “Numb Killer” and a big challenge for us to actually dare to do something completely different. Hopefully you like it as much as we do! 

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