Jonas Brothers Drop Album After 10 Years, Happiness Begins

First, I wanna say how excited I am over their comeback. Teen me is SO SO happy that the JoBros are back in full swing.

But low and behold, after 10 years they reunited and dropped two singles, “Sucker” and “Cool” which took fans by storm.

The track list is listed as such:

1. Sucker
2. Cool
3. Only Human
4. I Believe
5. Used To Be
6. Every Single Time
7. Don’t Throw it Away
8. Love Her
9. Happy When I’m Sad
10. Trust
11. Strangers
12. Hesitate
13. Roller coaster
14. Comeback

Now we know that they put out assortments of love songs when they were younger, just as they have love songs on this album as they did with their solo careers. But now, they’re all grown up, they’re men and they’re writing adult love songs. Especially now that all three boys are married, what a sad time for fan girls of the bros. Although, my heart was broken years ago being a Kevin girl.

If you haven’t checked out the grown up JoBros album, then you can go right ahead below!

Here is the Apple Music Link!