HALSEY releases new track ‘clementine’ | Single Review

‘clementine’ is the latest single from upcoming album ‘Manic’ due for release January 17th 2020. The release is a gift to her fans on her 25th birthday and marks a departure from the anthemic pop of her previous release ‘Graveyard’.

For me, this track (and the other recent singles) seem raw and stripped in a way her other releases have not been. She revealed to Rolling Stone in June that she wrote the entirety of the ‘Manic’ album in a manic state due to her bipolar. ‘clementine’ has an almost poetic, spoken-word feeling – simple in its fantastically raw lyrics and beautifully sparse piano keys.

The video is a perfect companion for the track. Taking place in an aquarium, the soft blue lights accent the song brilliantly. Halsey’s dance partner is her brother Sevian and I love the childish, adorable choreography.

The varied singles point towards an eclectic album and if they’re all of this calibre then it will be truly fantastic. I’m excited to hear a rawer, more personal side of one of my favourite artists out there. Halsey recently announced a World tour, see the list of dates below and be sure to try and see her:

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