STRAY KIDS play London | Live Review – 28/7/19

Stray Kids played their debut show in London a while back now and it was so fantastic that it has taken me this long to finally put the experience into words. There was an energy at this show unlike any other and such. They took us through every era step by step, playing hit after hit and making the crowd go wild.

They played all the fan-favourites; with every track that started I exclaimed happily that I loved this one. (Or maybe that’s because they don’t have a single bad song.) One that really impressed me was the mash-up of Get Cool and Awkward Silence, I loved that they were cramming in everything that the fans wanted. I don’t think a single person left dissappointed. Seeing Miroh performed live was brilliant too, it being one of my all-time favourites.

But they don’t just sing. Their dancing was so impressive I’d have paid just to see that. Watching their dance-breaks really hammered home how talented these boys and how far above the rest of the world k-pop is. I spent most of the concert with my jaw on the floor and that has never happened to me before. I love how much MORE they gave the audience – there was always something to see or hear and you struggled to take it all in.

Not only was their performance fantastic, but they took the time out to really engage with the audience regularly. They explained what the songs meant to them and what each era represented, as well as repeatedly reminding every one there how loved they were and how special the night was. I particularly loved their ‘gift’ to the fans, which consisted of each member doing something cute or adorable. This isn’t something I had seen before and made me smile. Their regular breaks made the show seem longer somehow and also gave everyone time to relax and catch their breath after hardcore light-stick waving.

We were lucky enough to attend the hi-touch event afterwards. For me, whilst the band members were lovely and made every effort to make those few seconds together memorable, the staff ruined it. After literally hours in a queue, you have staff members shouting at you to hurry up and not to stop moving. This really stressed me out and unfortunately meant that I was too busy rushing out to really appreciate the chance to see the boys up close and personal. I understand there were a lot of people there and that the hi-touch is supposed to be fast moving, but for the money we paid I think we deserved to enjoy it without being screamed at. In the future I would only pay this for a Q&A or a proper meet and greet.

Stray Kids are yet another example of the rising popularity of k-pop across the world. To see them completely blow Brixton away was fantastic – if you get the chance to see them yourself then take it, it truly was a night to remember.

*Our own videos from the night will be uploaded to YouTube and added at a later date *

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