ATWOOD’s ‘At Odds’| Album Review

atWood’s first EP was released at the end of 2018 and has since revealed more and more about the up and coming trio from Italy. With a lot of good bops, ‘at odds’ has given me a reinforced love for female vocals.

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BTS release new album | Review

Just 24 hours after its release, ‘Map of the Soul: Persona’ continues to make waves and break records. BTS’s most recent album continues to prove their impact worldwide and their incredible talent.

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ANY GIVEN DAY Have Released Their New Album ‘OverPower’

This 11 track masterpiece has recently been released and I am living for it. This German metal-core band have perfected their style and I couldn’t be happier with what they have produced. ‘Overpower’ really shows their talents and gives an insight into them as a band.

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CAMERON HAWTHORN releases video for latest single ‘Dancing in the Living Room’| Review

Country singer Cameron Hawthorn reveals a side of himself he’s never revealed publicly before in his new video for ‘Dancing in the Living Room’. The song is raw and vulnerable, drawing on the Americana, Country, Folk and pop genres to create a really unique, genre-defying sound.

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ANTHEM are re-releasing their album ‘Nucleus | Review

Japan’s traditional heavy metal band ANTHEM have not only released a music video for the single ‘Black Empire’ from their album Nucleus, but they are also re-recording and releasing the album in the 29th of March.

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TELLTALE debut new single ‘Bouquet’ | Review

Telltale released their track ‘Bouquet’ ahead of their EP ‘Timeless Youth’, due to be released April 26th. The rising alternative-rock group recently signed to Sharptone Records and will be touring this spring to support the upcoming release.

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ARRIVAL OF AUTUMN Release Their Second Full-Length Album | Review

On the 29th of March, Canadian metal band Arrival of Autumn are set to release their second full-length album ‘Harbinger’. To tide us over for the next few days, they have gifted us with a lyric video to the single which is called ‘witness’.

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CLEOPATRICK release new single ‘sanjake’ | Review

When you’re going through literally hundreds of submissions desperate for you to listen to their latest song, it takes some doing to stand out. cleopatrick did just that. Their band name alone had me desperately hoping that they made good music and I was not disappointed.

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