Milkk release video for ’90’s Baby’ | Review

On May 4th Milkk released their music video for their song “90’s Baby” from their newest album “Headrush” that came out earlier this year.

The song captures what it’s like to be a 90’s baby from the inside, the parts of us that they don’t see. They expect us to be fine, we show that on the outside but we really aren’t. But I feel that goes for everyone no matter the generation. But for now we’re focusing on 90’s babies.

My interpretation of the music video is that the chains is meant to represent us being locked inside of our minds with our bad thoughts, we’re stuck within our mind with the thoughts that hurt us the most. The weight of the chains are too heavy to lift to be able to escape.

I think the paint is meant to be heavy, like a heavy feeling; I think that’s meant to represent the drowning feeling when the chains get too heavy for us to take so we feel as though were drowning in all of our feelings, gasping for air, for something fresh that’ll save us.

One of the lyrics is, “But I’m breaking down and still stuck with the curse, I don’t really, don’t really know what to say, get out of my head, it’s too much to take.” would correlate with the feeling of drowning and the feeling of being weighed down and stuck from the chains.

These aren’t facts about the music video, this is how I interpreted it. You can watch the music video below when you click on the video. Don’t forget to comment how you interpret the music video and the song itself.

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VAYA discuss their track ELAPHANTUS | Guest Blog

Hi There.
It is always a hard work to go back on your own lyrics and music and translate the layers of it for someone, because and it is probably the most important point : the vibrations it give to the public is prior from all the rest. I mean, I can try my best to translate the story of it but the conclusion of how to define the song is in public’s hands ☺.

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IMMINENCE Release Their New Album ‘ Turn the Light on’

I am so happy for the new release from those Swedish musical geniuses and they have definitely not disappointed me. Every single song on ‘Turn the light on’ is so raw and emotional that you feel like you’re in Eddie’s heart.

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How BTS are changing the music industry

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past year, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the rise of K-pop, fronted by the group BTS. With the boys making news for being the first Korean artist to win two awards at the BBMA’s last night it seems like the perfect time to appreciate the scale of what they’re doing. The band of 7 are making waves worldwide and are changing the shape of the music industry whilst they’re at it – here are just a few reasons why.

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Original God feat. Braxton Knight – Game Boy Music Video

As I sat listening to “I Died in Tokyo” in its entirety, I got the notification from Original Gods twitter account that he dropped the music video for one of my favorite songs, although let’s face it, all of his songs are my favorite, he’s become all that I listen to. It’s come to the point that when I hear bands when my phones on shuffle I’m like, “oh yeah I forgot about you guys”.

The video was shot during his trip to Japan that he recently took with his friends, including Braxton Knight whom is featured in the song.

The song “Game Boy” comes from his EP called “Antagonist” which features two other songs called, “Paint a Smile On My Face” and “Rigor Mortis“.

Click the link below to watch the video, tweet me at @skysphotograph to tell me if you enjoyed the video and if you plan on checking out any other songs by Original God.

Original God feat. Braxton Knight – Game Boy

Don’t forget to check him out on twitter and Instagram under the name @originalg6d

IMMINENCE Release New Single and Music Video

I was not ready for this release and I cannot tell you enough how much I love this song. The video is simple, the music is phenomenal and the lyrics are heart wrenching. ‘Lighthouse’ is amazing and is just making more and more excited for the release of their upcoming album!

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TELLTALE release EP ‘Timeless Youth’

Telltale’s second EP ‘Timeless Youth’ is released April 26th. We wrote about their awesome single ‘Bouquet’ when it was released and it got me really excited to hear the full EP! This pop-punk band are on the rise and you won’t want to miss out. Perfect for fans of State Champs, Real Friends and With Confidence.

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